We're gearing up for Dreamforce 2016 next week, which as usual promises to be one of the year's most inspirational events showcasing innovative solutions using cloud technology. I look forward to attending every year for a chance to see what other companies are developing, what competitors are up to, and to catch up with our customers and partners. I've been asked to present at Dreamforce on the growing role of contextual communications in customer success. We all know that communications is a crucial part of any business' workflow. However, frequently there’s a technological divide between applications employees use to manage relationships with their customers and applications they use

World Vision, one of the world’s largest Christian humanitarian organizations, brought millions of children and families around the world out of poverty last year to brighter futures. The World Vision team realized early on that the more efficient they can be with resources, the more funds they can deliver directly to needy children and communities. They have consistently been praised for their financial efficiency and transparency, and today, World Vision is recognized as a top 20 U.S. nonprofit. It is also among the most efficient charities in the world with $1.30 going to projects for every $1 donated due to low overhead and matching funds. I am

For three days last week, I joined the RingCentral team for our inaugural customer conference, ConnectCentral 2016. As the new Director of Customer Engagement, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with our customers and learn why customers invested their time to travel to San Francisco and attend our event, and what they thought of the RingCentral overall. Here are my five takeaways: Customers valued the training we offered More than 50 percent of our customers, ranging from office managers to architects, arrived on day one for training. Most customer wanted hands-on trainings with IVR, Virtual Numbers versus Digital Lines, and Global

Has your website’s organic growth stalled? Have you been growing your backlinks by using great content, but don’t see an improvement in rankings and organic traffic? It’s time to go back to basics, and refocus on a technical audit geared at improving your on-page SEO. If you’re like most people, perhaps you’ll feel this topic is “beneath” your level of expertise. Maybe you have intermediate experience of SEO and feel that you already know this, and don’t need to read about it one more time. What most intermediate and experienced SEO’s forget is the power of optimizing your on-page elements. At times, a simple process of optimization can substantially improve your website’s traffic. In


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