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Help Your Business Thrive: Why WhatsApp Business Solution is Essential
Last year, WhatsApp launched its WhatsApp Business Solution that enables medium to large organizations using a Digital Customer Interactions Platform to achieve a greater volume of customer messages.  Utilizing this official API solution, you can exercise the automated response feature to interact with customers while waiting for an agent, send messages using quick replies, and […]
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10 Insights on the Critical Link Between Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction
KEY TAKEAWAYS The ability to deliver improved customer satisfaction today is seen as directly correlated with the happiness of employees. Technology is greatly improving customer satisfaction. As individuals experience these improvements in their personal lives, they will grow to expect it in their work lives.  CIOs and leaders from customer support and lines of business […]
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Retail: How to Leverage Chatbots to Improve the Customer Journey
Thanks to rapid growth in the ease and popularity of online shopping, any brand’s audience now has the potential to be larger than ever. It’s expected that in 2021, e-commerce will account for 17.5% of the total global retail sales, vs 13.7% now. However, these developments mean that retail competition is tougher than ever, too. […]