Last year, a YouTube video went viral. Two seventeen-year-olds participated in a challenge: take a rotary phone and figure out how to dial a phone number in four minutes or less. To most readers, that probably sounds ridiculous. Four whole minutes to dial 7-10 numbers? That’s a bit excessive. But the reality is that the basics of making a phone call - lifting the handset from the cradle, checking for a dial tone, and rotating the dial all the way to complete the phone number - are lost skills of the past. Younger generations are quickly entering the workplace, earning salaries, and becoming consumers. And

Ah, Las Vegas. The lights, the sounds, the energy… it is a hypnotic combination that everyone should see once or twice at most. But for the well-heeled road warrior, a trip to Las Vegas is at times a far too frequent occurrence. With visit frequency, this will be fun seems more closely linked to a quiet night of room service versus a night of table games at a never-ending stream of casinos. For those attending CCW, we have you covered. To help you make the most of your time, we have curated five unique and memorable experiences that will help you get off the beaten

The rules for customer engagement have changed. The probability that a customer will stick around through a bad experience is quickly diminishing. Customers are even dropping an average of 4+ brands per year over bad experiences. Meeting the needs of today’s customer is more critical than ever for companies. It’s not just about delivering exceptional experiences in order to establish a competitive advantage, it’s about providing exceptional experiences to the modern customer in order to meet evolving standards of service excellence. In this podcast, John Finch, AVP of Contact Center at RingCentral is joined by Brian Solis, Principal Analyst Altimeter Group to discuss the changing nature of

Roy Atkinson in an experienced writer and analyst, regarded as one of the top influencers in the service and support industry. A certified HDI Support Center Manager, his expert opinion is highly regarded within the community and on an international scale through his blogs, presentations, white papers, and webinars. During the course of this interview, Roy gives us insights on the importance of good customer service, AI/automation strategy, and the right metrics to measure success. Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background? My current position is a senior writer/analyst for HDI and ICMI


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