ConnectCentral 2016, RingCentral’s inaugural user conference, is fast approaching. This first-time event, will take place September 12–14 at City View at Metreon in beautiful San Francisco. It’s shaping up to be an informative and fun-filled three days designed to provide you with the in-depth, hands-on learning and training you need to get even more value out of your industry-leading RingCentral business communications and collaboration solution. At ConnectCentral 2016, you’ll: Gain invaluable insights on how the cloud-based business communications movement is evolving Pick up practical, detailed knowledge to help you manage your RingCentral system more effectively and efficiently Learn how you can

In my role as RingCentral's VP of Channel Sales, few things get me more fired up than adding new partners to our channel program. Why? Because I love the advanced communication and collaboration capabilities our service brings to businesses, and each new partner represents a magnification of our impact in the marketplace as we bring new customers these game-changing capabilities. Today we're announcing a new partnership with Intelisys, one of the leading technology service providers in the U.S and a company that has an expansive and well-established global presence. I have admired Intelisys as a company since its

When Glip team messaging and collaboration became part of RingCentral Office, many enterprise IT managers welcomed the feature but told us they couldn’t take advantage of it without support for backing up and archiving records of all communications. We are happy to say that is no longer an obstacle to using Glip. All RingCentral Office customers now have access to Glip Compliance Exports. This feature is also included in Glip Pro accounts, the highest tier of service for the stand-alone version of Glip. Whether for regulatory reasons or simple peace of mind, IT managers can now preserve records of Glip conversations in much the same

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A sure way to fail at lead generation is to improperly manage the inquiries your site will generate. It would be a shame to invest in building out an Internet marketing campaign for your leads, to only end up in a wasteland. That’s where lead validation comes into play. Lead validation, is the process of having your sales leads separated from non-sales conversions. According to “The Importance of Lead Validation Study” by professional SEO agency Straight North, 50 percent of a business' website inquiries are something other than sales leads. Having that kind of vital data allows you to take a step back and analyze your campaign to see what


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