Ekaterina Walter
November 18, 2014

10 Brands Rocking Instagram

instagramIf you love spontaneous style and on-the-go images, then Instagram is the place for you. Home of the “selfie“, its range of filters and editing tools gives Instagram its characteristic feel. It has been embraced by the young, the style-conscious, and by brands wanting to tap into this market. But it isn’t a place to simply re-post your glossy marketing shots: save those for Facebook. Instead, the brands that have really got to grips with Instagram are the ones who understand that it’s OK to be different. Let’s taken a look at 10 of the most exciting brands who are rocking Instagram today.

1) mac2) australia3) topshop4) mtv5) monster6) asos7) gopro8) zara9) dior10) wweDon’t Be Scared Don’t be scared of informality. Even some of the most luxury brands have ditched their magazine-cover style for Instagram’s more spontaneous style. Behind-the-scenes shots show a more relaxed, human side to your brand, and photos taken on the move add a layer of reality and transparency to your content. Even if you’ve put a lot of thought into your Instagram feed, it has to feel effortless and spontaneous. Don’t forget to use hashtags to encourage interaction or provide your user tag if you want followers to send you their own images. User-generated content is a great way of ensuring exciting and consistent streams of new material. Cover photo courtesy of OlegDoroshin / Shutterstock.com.