RingCentral Team
March 24, 2011

10 Best Blogs Small Business Owners Should Be Reading

Blogging image c/o Kristina B

Blogging image c/o Kristina B

Like Facebook and Twitter, blogs also offer helpful information for small business owners.  As part of our Social Media 101 series, we wanted to share with you 10 must-read best blogs that provide a tremendous amount of valuable resources that can help you in your business.

For Business Advice

Church of the Customer Blog
Written by authors and business consultants Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, Church of the Customer delivers highly relevant advice on how to attract new customers and keep them loyal.

You’re the Boss
This business blog from the NY Times features posts from a variety of industry experts and provides an insider’s perspective on small-business ownership.

Planning Startups Stories
Written by the president and founder of Palo Alto Software, Tim Berry, Planning Startups Stories offers not just great advice for those in startup mode, but also tips and ideas on how to effectively manage an existing business.

Small Business Brief
Small Business Brief has been providing actionable information for small business owners since 2004. They often publish profiles of successful entrepreneurs and business articles written by small business owners that want to share tips and advice with others.

For Technology Advice

Stay up-to-date on new gadgets and consumer electronics on this tech-oriented blog. Articles are published daily from a talented editorial team that has their pulse on what’s new and important.

Business Hacks
The blog from BNET, Business Hacks mixes feature stories, quick-read informative business articles, and loads of news related to technology and business.

Tech Crunch
Follow Tech Crunch to keep current on social media and the latest and greatest from the top technology companies.

For Inspiration

Escape from Cubicle Nation
Written by entrepreneur and former corporate manager Pamela Slim, Escape from Cubicle Nation dishes up inspiration, encouragement, and advice for small business owners dealing with the challenges of breaking free from the corporate world.

Seth Godin’s Blog
Author Seth Godin writes daily, thoughtful posts that are designed to get you thinking about business and life in general.

Zen Habits
At times when business ownership can seem a bit overwhelming, Zen Habits offers words of wisdom to simplify life’s daily chaos. This easy-to-read blog offers one to two interesting posts a week that motivate and inspire.

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