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Zoho Flow for RingCentral
Zoho Flow for RingCentral
by Zoho Corporation

Zoho Flow helps you integrate RingCentral with over 500 apps without writing a single line of code.

Zoho Flow

This integration platform lets you connect RingCentral with over 500 cloud applications and automate complex business processes. Create and customize RingCentral integrations, adapt to dynamic business needs, and collaborate with your colleagues to set up centralized workflows.

Here are a few automation ideas to help you get started:

  • Add contacts from your CRM, forms, or help desk apps to RingCentral
  • Send RingCentral SMS messages when tickets, deals, or orders are updated in your other apps
  • Notify your teammates in group chats or through email when calls are missed
  • Send out surveys or emails whenever calls are ended

Here are some simple steps to create your first integration in Zoho Flow:

RingCentral triggers and actions that are supported in Zoho Flow:


Call missed: Triggers when a call is missed

Call recorded: Triggers when a call is recorded

Call ended: Triggers when a call is ended

Voicemail received: Triggers when a new voicemail is received


Create contact: Creates a new contact

Send SMS: Sends a new SMS to the specified phone number

Initiate RingOut call: Initiates a two-legged ringout call based on the specified caller and callee phone numbers

Original release date: 2018-01-28






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