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Yactraq-Speech Analytics for RingCentral
Yactraq-Speech Analytics for RingCentral
by Yactraq

Founded in 2010, Yactraq is a leading audio mining and speech analytics provider based in Vancouver, Canada

Yactraq-Speech Analytics for RingCentral

Yactraq provides Speech Analytics to deliver omni-channel business intelligence solutions through advanced AI and machine learning methodologies. Patents in conversational computing give Yactraq an edge in developing next generation virtual agents, customer engagement solutions, Advanced AI and Machine Learning methodologies. A robust suite of solutions help clients increase revenue through sales productivity and effectiveness; and enhance brand value through improved customer experience via advanced customer feedback and Agent Evaluation features.

Original release date: 2019-05-05


Based on Load Requirement. Please reach out to Yactraq for more info.


Mon - Fri 6:00AM - 3:00PM (UTC-08:00)
+1 415 875 5919