by Wingman

Wingman is a conversation intelligence tool that helps sales teams with pipeline visibility, actionable insights, and real-time coaching.


Wingman helps sales teams analyze their sales calls and demos with the power of AI. Once you integrate Wingman with RingCentral, Wingman will automatically join calls made via the dialer. It will help your team with automatic call recording & transcription; note-taking; bookmarks and annotations; and cue cards to help reps with customer objections, questions and behaviour suggestions. It's a powerful way to share the voice of the customer and market insights across the organization.

Original release date: 2020-07-30


Checking the RingCentral dialer integration with Wingman


Integrating Wingman with RingCentral takes just a few minutes. No dev support or coding needed! Read the Installation Guide here.


App Scope and Permissions

When authorized, this app will be granted the following permissions:

Read Call LogView user call log records
Read Call RecordingDownload call recording content and media