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Notifications+ for Vodafone Business UC
by RingCentral Professional Services

Notifications+ allows you to configure notifications for inbound and outbound call events on your cloud communications account.

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Notifications app integration for Vodafone Business UC

Notifications+allows you to configure notifications for inbound and outbound call events on your Vodafone Business UC® account. Notifications are customizable and delivered in real-time via SMS, email, webhook or Vodafone Business UC Team Messaging. A summary of available features includes:

  1. Alerts when sensitive or inappropriate numbers are called from your account, including who placed the call.
  2. Know who called for help and where they are in the event of an emergency.
  3. Customizable notification triggers, message content and delivery options.
  4. Bulk orchestration of notifications and settings.
  5. Simulation mode to test notifications without needing to actually trigger them.


Chrome or Firefox web browser and a Vodafone Business UC® account.

Logging In

Log in to Notifications+using your Vodafone Business UC® credentials at the following URL:


New accounts automatically receive a free 14-day trial period upon first login. After the trial period expires, you must contact your Account Executive or Sales Representative to purchase a subscription for your account.

Getting Started

To get started building your first notification visit the docs.