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Vodafone Business UC for HubSpot
by RingCentral Inc.

Enhance HubSpot with embedded communications capabilities and create a more collaborative experience.

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Vodafone Business UC for HubSpot CRM Integration

With Vodafone Business UC for Hubspot, we embed key Vodafone Business UC capabilities into your Hubspot CRM account, allowing you to get more work done and communicate directly from Hubspot.

Note: This app stores your data in the US. The data may include authentication tokens, user accounts, call history, and other information. Please contact support if you have any concerns.


  1. Call controls: Leverage Vodafone Business UC calling capabilities, answer inbound and make outbound calls without ever navigating away from Hubspot.
  2. Message Hub: Access all Vodafone Business UC text messages, voicemails, and faxes from one place.
  3. Click-to-call and Click-to-SMS: Easily click HubSpot phone entries to call or text right within your browser or your Vodafone Business UC chrome extension.
  4. Instant screen pop: When a call comes in, Vodafone Business UC for Hubspot instantly responds; identifying the caller by their corresponding Hubspot record. If no record is available, you’ll get the option to easily add a new record as a contact.
  5. Association call logging: You may manually log calls with several associations. Be able to log a call under several associations, such as the contact, company, active deals, or tickets. You may also let the app log your calls automatically.
  6. Server-side text logging: Support logging a message as an activity under several associations, such as a contact, company, active deals or tickets either automatically or manually. The app can log new texts received to your HubSpot record even when you are offline.
  7. Analytics: Make custom reports, and view your Vodafone Business UC data within Hubspot. Get actionable insights with invaluable metrics into individual and team performance.
  8. Work the way you want: There’s no software to download; you can log on and get access to Vodafone Business UC for Hubspot from any PC or Mac.

System requirements

  1. Windows® 7 and above
  2. Mac OS® X 10.8 Mountain Lion (or later)
  3. Supported browsers include Chrome™ 69 (or later)
  4. Chrome extension supports Chrome OS