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Connect, manage, visualize and share BI data with your team.


These service providers are built on top of the RingCentral Platform. Apps that work for RingCentral also work for these service providers.

Frontier + RingCentral
RingCentral for Symphony
RingCentral mit 1&1 Connected Calls
RingCentral mit ecotel
RingCentral mit Telekom
Unify Office by RingCentral

Seamlessly connect, manage, automate, and share data from Vodafone Business

ClicData is the first end-to-end Data Platform that allows you to seamlessly connect, manage, automate, visualize and share data from Vodafone Business and hundreds more data sources. Manage your sales, marketing, and financial KPIs in a single and very simple platform and create a single source of truth for your business performance reporting. ClicData offers all the tools your need for your data analytics:

  1. 250 data integrations and smart connectors to Vodafone Business, your CRM, marketing tools, accounting and invoicing systems, and budget spreadsheets
  2. intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard designer to build custom charts and KPIs in minutes
  3. powerful automation features: alerts on mobile and by email, scheduled dashboard distribution
  4. mobile dashboards to always access your KPIs wherever you are
  5. data cleansing features to make sense of your data regardless of its source and format
  6. cloud data warehouse to keep historical data and build insightful comparisons overtime