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Vodafone Business UC Automator for SMS
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Quickly set up SMS auto-replies and create other workflow automations.

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Setup SMS auto-replies in and build other workflows in minutes

Get started with RingCentral Automator for SMS

Automator is a workflow automation tool that makes SMS even more powerful. It’s simple to use, enabling users to create out-of-office or after-hours auto-responses in seconds. Just pick the dates you’ll be out or the hours your business is closed and SMS auto-responses will be sent to inbound messages. 

Our rules-based engine also gives users the flexibility to create custom responses. Choose from triggers like receiving an SMS, keyword in an SMS, or missed calls. Once the trigger action occurs, Automator can take powerful actions on behalf of the user, like sending a SMS, placing a phone call, or even creating a meeting.

Common uses for Automator include:

  1. Out-of-office replies: SMS out-of-office replies let users define an out-of-office period to send customized, automated SMS responses to inbound SMS messages.
  2. After-hours responses: When messages are received after normal business hours, let the sender know the message was received and that a response will be sent when the business reopens.
  3. Frequently asked questions: When a message with a specified phrase or keywords are received, a pre-crafted response will be sent in response. This automation eliminates manual responses to common questions, letting you focus on higher-value tasks.
  4. Missed calls: Sending an automated SMS when you miss a call can reassure your customers that they not only called the right number, but that you’re prioritizing responding to them.
  5. Compliance notifications: Auto-responses to inbound messages can notify the sender that SMS exchanges aren’t permitted because of industry regulations and direct them to a proper channel.
  6. Support case deflection: Automator can detect common keywords or phrases that signify a customer needs help. Auto-reply with common fixes or links to resources to deflect inbound service calls and resolve customer issues faster.

It takes less than 30 seconds to create your first auto-response. Get started with Automator by logging into this web-based application with your Vodafone credentials.

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