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Enhance your account with a real-time conversational AI to make every agent your best agent, anytime and anywhere.

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Aigent Real-Time Assistant app integration for RingCentral

Aigent is an AI built for call centers. 

Our technology is specifically designed to help agents perform at their best.

Whether you’re addressing the typically high turnover of customer support roles or trying to manage seasonal volume, an almost constant influx of new agents can lead to service breakdowns that jeopardize your customer experience and loyalty.

Research shows it can take several months or even a year before agents are performing at a proficient level, much less delivering the world-class support your customers demand. That’s where Aigent comes in.

The Aigent platform seamlessly integrates with existing telephony and CRM systems by actively listening to calls and helping agents perform their best, in real-time.


With an artificial intelligence platform that listens to live voice calls, agents get real-time guidance to deliver the best customer experience imaginable.

  1. Decrease your agents' AHT: Aigent hands you relevant product knowledge via a pop-up window. No more time wasted looking up a knowledge base!
  2. Curb Training Costs while Keeping your Agents Confident: Short onboarding periods and high call volumes can make it difficult for agents to recall processes correctly and apply them while taking calls. Aigent helps by reminding agents of important processes, making them easier to follow.
  3. Increase your agents' CSat and First Call Resolution Score: Aigent supports the agent with the right communication best practices for their current situation and enables them to build rapport with the customer - or to help them before their frustration escalates!
  4. Curb Compliance Violation Costs and Increase Process Accuracy: Aigent helps avoid compliance violations by detecting potential violating behaviors and reminding agents of policies before issues occur. Actionable messages via a pop-up window help agents handle difficult calls and escalate them if needed.

Key Features

We put Insights into Action. The power of the platform is not that it listens to live calls but that it uses what it hears to help agents solve customer problems quickly and accurately.

  1. Pop-up messages guide your agents successfully through common problem areas in call centers
  2. Seamless integration with Vodafone Business UC voice stream, with the convenience of SaaS
  3. Fully customizable intent and message triggers.
  4. Fully customizable messages, to match your use cases and business areas.
  5. Aigent comes with a dashboard to visualize call data, for managers to stay on top of issues and activities, and optimize the messages you send to agents based on their feedback.


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