Zoho Desk for Unify Office
Zoho Desk for Unify Office
by Zoho

Make every call count. Integrate your Unify Office account with Zoho Desk—the context-aware help desk software.

Zoho Desk for Unify Office

Having customer call records and customer tickets in two separate places leads to loss of valuable data and time. Unify Office for Zoho Desk makes this process much more efficient. Agents can now make and receive calls, log them and add them as tickets—all from within Zoho Desk.  This helps create streamlined data, more context, and better customer relationships. 

Detailed description:

  • Don't dial. Just click—Call your customers and receive them without leaving your ticket interface. 
  • Know who's calling—Convert the calls into tickets and add notes via an automatic pop-up screen, for better context.  
  • Recall, anytime—Calls are automatically logged within Zoho Desk for better monitoring and analysis.
  • Easy to setup—You can integrate Zoho Desk with Unify Office in just a few simple steps. 

Original release date: 2017-08-07


  • Zoho Desk for Unify Office is available for Unify Office Standard, Premium and Enterprise customers.
  • You must have a Zoho Desk Professional or Enterprise Edition account.
  • Requires Windows® XP or above or Mac OS® X 10.8 Mountain Lion or above.
  • Supported browsers include Chrome™ 30 (or later), Firefox® 25 (or later), Safari® 6.0.5 (or later), and Internet Explorer® 10 (or later).