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Salpo CRM for Unify Office
Salpo CRM for Unify Office
by Salpo Technologies

Empower your teams to work smarter by integrating Salpo’s dynamic business platform with Unify Office.

Salpo CRM for Unify Office

Empower your call centre and sales teams to maximise efficiency, saving their time and your money, while enhancing customer experience. Instantly screen calls, quickly access contact details and view live activity history for all known Contacts.

Make outbound calls with one click on any phone number stored within Salpo CRM and add unknown callers as new Contacts during incoming calls. Automatically record all calls as Communications against Contact profile pages.

Dynamic activity and call management

  • Screen incoming calls by instantly accessing Contact details and history

  • Initiate outgoing calls using click-to-dial technology within Salpo CRM

  • Add new Contact records for unknown incoming callers with one click

  • Pull-up Contact notes for easy reference during outgoing calls

  • Seamlessly integrate your contact and call-centre management

Original release date: 2019-01-30


Salpo supports the latest versions of all major browsers including IE11.


Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 5:30PM (UTC)