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Jiminny for Unify Office
Jiminny for Unify Office
by Jiminny, Inc.

Jiminny will securely store, transcribe and analyze your Unify Office calls to unlock actionable insights.

Jiminny app integration for Unify Office

The Jiminny for Unify Office integration make it effortless to transcribe every call made with  Unify Office.

Jiminny is a Conversation Intelligence Platform that securely stores, transcribes, and analyzes your important business conversations to coach your team and help them win more business.

Jiminny helps you on-board and coach reps around pipeline, forecast, and revenue.

Accurate Transcription Quality

Our transcription engine works in over 30 languages, and understands your lingo with custom vocabulary.

Rich Search Capabilities

Jiminny lets you search and discover:

  • Key topics
  • Objections
  • Action items
  • Questions
  • Competitors
  • Sentiment
  • Pricing

You can even get notified for conversations matching these themes.

CRM Automation

Jiminny connections with over 5 CRM systems, connecting conversations to your deal pipeline and customers.

Original release date: 2021-03-22


  • No software installation is required.
  • Requires authorization by a Unify Office user with admin privileges.
  • Requires a user account at Jiminny prior to usage.