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Google Drive for Unify Office
Google Drive for Unify Office
by RingCentral

Easily share files stored in Google Drive in your team messaging app

Google Drive app integration for Unify Office

When you integrate Google Drive into the Unify Office app, you can pull any document, presentation, image, video, or other file stored in Google Drive right into your team message conversation of choice to share with your team without ever leaving the Unify Office app.


Productive team collaboration

Reduce the need for agents to switch between multiple applications while working in the Unify Office app.

Reduce email overload

Attach your Drive files into the Unify Office app instead of emailing.

Organized file management

Easily pull all relevant files from Google into your Unify Office app projects, teams, or tasks.

Original release date: 2017-02-18


Must have a Unify Office account