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Github for Unify Office 2.0 Beta
Github for Unify Office 2.0 Beta
by RingCentral

Receive notifications about activities on GitHub in a conversation in team messaging.

Notifications: Github 2.0 app integration for Unify Office

This Github integration for RingCentral is currently in beta.

GitHub for Unify Office helps users stay on top of important updates, pull requests, code review, issues, bug fixes, and more without having to leave their RingCentral app work environment. Get post notifications and view and respond to any GitHub event directly from your team messaging conversation thread.


  • Receive real-time notifications for commits, pull requests (opened and closed), issues (opened and closed), issue comments, commit comments, and more.
  • Receive notifications directly or choose to have them automatically posted to a team or project you select.
  • Receive notifications on any or all devices you choose—computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.


Productive team collaboration

GitHub for Unify Office reduces the need for users to switch between multiple applications while working in the team messaging app.

Reduce email overload

GitHub for Unify Office improves the user experience by dramatically reducing the number of emails being sent and received.

Keep better records

Keep your GitHub code management progress in your team messaging app workspace online, as opposed to spreading it across multiple email message threads.