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Genesis Emergency for Unify Office
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Real-time 911 & emergency notifications - including lock-down and custom alerting, mobile-app-based safety tools, and more.

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Emergency notifications and reporting integration for Unify Office

Are you looking for a solution that not only alerts you immediately when 911 is dialed but also enhances the management of on-site emergencies and mobile user distress signals? Do you need a system that facilitates the recording of critical incident details and integrates seamlessly with your existing telephony and alerting infrastructure?

Genesis's Enhanced Emergency Alerting & Management Solution, integrating GenAlert with Incident Aware for a comprehensive and advanced approach to emergency response. This integrated solution elevates your organization's safety protocols by combining rapid alerting with detailed incident management.

GenAlert - Core Features:

Emergency Call Detection: Automatic detection and immediate alerting for 911 and other emergency calls across your network, ensuring rapid organizational awareness and response during critical incidents.

Cross-platform Integration: Comprehensive connectivity with both on-premises and cloud-based telephony systems, facilitating seamless communication across diverse technological environments.

Remote Device Triggering: Activate a range of remote alerting devices based on specific scenarios or predefined criteria. Enhance the reach and effectiveness of notifications, ensuring a wide-spread alert system.

Enhanced Data Analytics: Utilize detailed telephony metrics for in-depth post-emergency event analysis and gain insight into improving future response strategies.

Enhance your alerting experience with Incident Aware

Multi-Channel Alert Distribution: Distribute targeted alerts simultaneously to your users via email, SMS, voice calls, mobile and desktop apps, overhead paging system, visual alerts, SIP integrations and more.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance: Ensure rapid response to emergencies and adherence to safety protocols with advanced location tracking and immediate action features.

Customizable Incident Templates: Simplify incident generation, alerting and recording with customizable templates, instructions and checklists, tailored for different emergency situations.

Real-Time Multimedia Exchange: Facilitate the exchange of notes, chats, photos, videos, and other multimedia specific to each alert or incident for a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Enhanced Safety Features: Provide staff with rapid location-enabled panic, lockdown and evacuation alarm options, multiple real-time location tracking choices for lone worker safety and efficient emergency management.

User-Friendly Operation: Designed with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface which streamlines alert initiation, monitoring, collaboration and management for all users.

With GenAlert and Incident Aware, you're not just implementing a solution, you're investing in a future where communication is intuitive, emergencies are managed with precision, and every event brings valuable insights.

Genesis is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for emergency alerting and incident management. Choose GenAlert and Incident Aware for a smarter, safer, and more strategic approach to communication and emergency management.