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Share and sync files stored on Box easily through the team messaging app

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These service providers are built on top of the RingCentral Platform. Apps that work for RingCentral also work for these service providers.

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Unify Office by RingCentral

Box App Integration with Unify Office Team Messaging

Box file sharing for Unify Office comes pre-installed in your account. To use the Box file sharing capability, connect to your Box account when you attach a file from Box to a post you are creating.

When you integrate Box into the Unify Office's team messaging app, you can pull any document, presentation, image, video, or other file stored in Box right into your team message conversation of choice to share with your team without ever leaving the team messaging app.

Why Box for RingCentral app?

Productive team collaboration

Reduce the need for agents to switch between multiple applications while working in Unify Office.

Reduce email overload

Attach your Box files into the Unify Office team messaging app instead of emailing.

Organized file management

Easily pull all relevant files from Box into your Unify Office app projects, teams, or tasks.

Meets industry guidelines

RingCentral delivers a solution that meets industry guidelines, such as HIPAA and FINRA.

Offers added ease of use

RingCentral Archiver allows you to automatically store content in your Box Drive.

Enhances productivity

  1. Send faxes and other content directly from your Box account.
  2. Import Box files into your RingCentral teams or messages with just a few clicks.

Automatically sync files for better compliance

RingCentral for Box effortlessly archives voicemails, call recordings, SMS, and other important content right to your Box account to respect major security and compliance requirements, such as FINRA and HIPAA.

Unify Office Archiver benefits

  1. Archive voicemail, call recordings, SMS, and fax messages automatically.
  2. Access and share content easily and enhance call recordings with AI through Box Skills.
  3. Filter and view status reports or export for further analysis.

Team Messaging benefits

  1. Enjoy easy-to-use team messaging capabilities—just select your Box document and share directly from within the Box app.
  2. Drive productivity and project visibility by seamlessly sharing content between Box and RingCentral.

Fax benefits

  1. Fax your Box documents to up to 50 recipients simultaneously with just a few clicks.
  2. Add a cover page and custom message.
  3. Link and collaborate using the Unify Office app.


  1. Unify Office for Box integrations are available to all Atos customers
  2. Unify Office Archiver requires Unify Office editions Premium and above.
  3. You must have a Box account and be running operating systems with Windows XP or above, or Mac OS X Mountain Lion or above.
  4. Unify Office for Box is a browser-based application.
  5. Supported browsers: Chrome 30 and above, Firefox 25 and above, Safari 6.0.5 and above, and Internet Explorer 11 and above.