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Trello Add-in (Legacy)
by RingCentral Labs

Receive updates on Trello activity while working in the team messaging app

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Trello Add-in (Legacy) app integration

Notice: this legacy add-in is maintained in the App Gallery only for those who have installed it prior to the release of the new and improved Trello Add-in.

Please install the new Trello Add-in for even more features and ease of use!

The Trello Add-in for RingCentral allows users to get notifications whenever there is new activity on a Trello board. RingCentral will share Trello completed tasks, new comments, and much more to your team messaging conversation of choice.


Streamlined workflow

Receive post notifications from Trello on all project updates and tag coworkers directly from within the team messaging app, consolidating your work environment into a single view.

Productive team collaboration

Reduce the need for users to switch between multiple devices while working in the team messaging app.

Reduce email and app overload

Pull updates into the team messaging app instead of receiving notification emails from Trello.

Centralize project files

Tell RingCentral to pull in updates from your Trello app that includes file attachments.

Original release date: 2014-11-10


Enable this integration via the conversation setting menu in the team messaging app.