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AI-Powered Call Analytics for TELUS Business Connect
AI-Powered Call Analytics for TELUS Business Connect
by Velvetech, LLC

Enjoy transparency of your Contact Center operations with AI Call Analytics in your CRM.

VVT Call Analytics app integration for TELUS Business Connect

AI-Powered Call Analytics for TELUS Business Connect will dramatically improve your call center efficiency. The Artificial Intelligence component automatically transcribes and analyzes agent calls, identifying preset key events, such as greetings. The dashboard with aggregated stats on all calls provides your managers with insights allowing them to step up your call center operations: from training a new agent to supercharging marketing campaigns across all offices.

AI-Powered Call Analytics for TELUS Business Connect works in tandem with your CRM system, automatically scrutinizing all inbound and outbound calls.

Use Cases:

AI-Powered Call Analytics for TELUS Business Connect turns every call into an actionable piece of data and makes it available at a glance for your call center managers so they can find areas for improvement.

  1. Elevate your Sales, Customer Engagement, and Customer Service experience
  2. Control calls quality with automatic agent scoring
  3. Smooth out onboarding and training of new employees
  4. Refine marketing campaigns

Key Features:

  1. AI-generated call transcripts with dialog visualization, agent/customer identification, timestamps, etc. Agent and customer remarks can be played individually, and the whole transcript can be exported to a Word file or copied to the clipboard.
  2. Agent auto-scoring based on preset criteria, such as account verification or contact details confirmation. The AI component tracks whether a sales rep followed all the steps of a script during a call. A manager can also highlight specific skills that an agent applied on a call.
  3. Call details, including call duration, agent/customer talk time, on-hold time, and time to connect.
  4. Dashboard with reports on all calls, grouped by marketing campaigns and accounts, showing conversion rates, top skills, and the overall number of calls.