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Voxjar for TELUS Business Connect
Voxjar for TELUS Business Connect
by Voxjar

Voxjar is the platform for TELUS Business Connect customers to transcribe, analyze, and improve their reps' phone calls.

Voxjar for TELUS Business Connect

Voxjar is your one-stop-shop for driving better phone calls with your customers.

  • Custom Charts and Dashboards give you the freedom to analyze calls from the highest level down to the details of each conversation.
  • AI-Powered Speech Analytics transcribes, searches, and analyzes your reps' phone conversations.
  • Quality Assurance and Call Coaching tools let you evaluate and improve agent performance with a human touch.
  • Long term recording storage for historical analysis

All of these together provide the holistic, easy-to-use software that you need to manage a modern call team and create better conversations with your customers. Voxjar brings value across all departments to improve Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, Collections, Compliance, and even your Product Team. Deep insights into each customer conversation will invigorate every corner of your business.

Learn more about Voxjar or request a free 14-day trial at

Original release date: 2019-12-02


  • No download necessary
  • Voxjar Account
  • TELUS Business Connect Administrative privileges


The integration is built into the Voxjar app. Launch a free trial and connect your TELUS Business Connect account to get started today.


Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 8:00PM (UTC-07:00)