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Tenfold for RingCentral (TELUS)
by Tenfold (formerly Callinize)

Connect with the CRM of your choice such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, Infusionsoft, and more for call logging, call popups, and click-to-dial.

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These service providers are built on top of the RingCentral Platform. Apps that work for RingCentral also work for these service providers.

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Tenfold Contact Center App Integration for TELUS Business Connect

Tenfold connects your CRM with TELUS Business Connect, bringing the data in your CRM to your fingertips when you need it most. Tenfold automatically logs your calls and also enables popups with caller info, click-to-dial capabilities, advanced call analytics and the creation of notes and tasks from within the popup. Supported CRMs include Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, Close.io, InfusionSoft, Insightly. Inquire directly about unlisted CRMs.

Detailed Description:

Tenfold for RingCentral helps companies build better relationships, make more calls and ultimately close more deals. The Tenfold application provides the most robust CTI solution available for TELUS Business Connect users looking to connect their Business Conect phones with their CRM. Tenfold meets the needs of both managers and individual reps. End-users save time when Tenfold immediately detects the correct contact on inbound and outbound calls, automatically logs their calls and provides them with streamlined note-taking and task creation capabilities from outside their CRM. Managers gain better insight into employee performance and can start tracking meaningful metrics for their business as they relate to phone activity.

The typical CTI solution provides the following:

  • Click to Dial
  • Call Popups (inbound/outbound)
  • Ability to save call notes

Tenfold provides all of this and a whole lot more! These features include:

  • Tenfold Works in Any Tab: Work out of your inbox? Prospect leads on LinkedIn? Or perhaps you have a lead list in a spreadsheet? Not a problem! Tenfold works wherever you are. Not only can you click-to-dial any phone number on any webpage, but the Tenfold popup lives outside of your CRM and follows you from tab to tab. No more going back and forth between tabs and your CRM to stay caught up on notes. Take notes as you browse on any tab.
  • Follow-Ups Made Easy: Tenfold uses natural language processing to detect when you intend to create a task and puts it on the schedule for you! If you write "follow up in 2 days" or "try again next Wednesday" in your notes, chances are you want to call that person back on the corresponding day. Tenfold recognizes your intentions and schedules the task for you on the correct date.
  • Email Colleagues From Your Call Notes: How often do you get off a call, and fire up an email to ask your colleague a question? With Tenfold you simply add a @mention in the call notes and your colleague will be notified via email. Keeping your valuable call notes in the CRM, not buried in your inbox.
  • Call Context: When you get an email, the chain of messages provides context that guides your reply, but when you make or receive a call, the only context you typically get is a phone number and perhaps a name, if you’re lucky. With our activity jog wheel, you can review your previous calls and emails before you even answer the phone, so you'll never have to ask..."Where'd we leave off?" Furthermore, your team is a lot more likely to take notes if they are actually getting use out of them. Having immediate access to your notes right when you need them is a huge driver of CRM adoption.
  • Analytics that Actually Mean Something: When CRM and phone data is combined, you end up with analytics that can actually help you make informed decisions about many aspects of your business. The Tenfold Analytics Dashboard will help you answer questions such as: How much time do we spend supporting customers? How many prospects did we reach out to today? What time of day is best to reach decision makers in the industries we are targeting? Which of my employees is the best at getting decision-makers on the phone?

Original release date: 2018-07-12


  • Supported CRM: Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, InfusionSoft, Insightly, Close.io, Streak...More Coming Soon (Contact us directly if you do not see your CRM as an integration may still be available)
  • Tenfold for RingCentral is available for TELUS Business Connect Premium and Premium Plus customers
  • A Tenfold Account is Required


This is a third-party application provided by RingCentral and Tenfold. TELUS Business Connect users can login using their Business Connect credentials and gain access to all the functionality that is provided for RingCentral users.