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TELUS Business Connect App fo Citrix
TELUS Business Connect App fo Citrix
by RingCentral Integration Team

Optimize the telephony delivery for your TELUS Business Connect App in Citrix.

Citrix app integration for TELUS Business Connect

In a typical VDI environment, TELUS Business Connect acts as any other application running in a virtual host environment. However, telephony media streams must make several extra network hops to reach the TELUS Business Connect service. If the network infrastructure is inadequate or unstable users may experience degradation in audio quality due to these extra hops.

With the TELUS Business Connect for Citrix, we work to establish a direct media channel from your remote device where Citrix is installed to the TELUS Business Connect data center. This allows us to minimize the number of network hops and optimize the delivery of audio between callers.


  • Use one business phone number for calling, SMS, and fax
  • Staying connected has never been easier with Apps that Learn™
  • Route incoming calls efficiently with a multi-level auto attendant
  • Access advanced call options like Call Park, Call Flip, and more

Original release date: 2021-05-17


  • Must have the Citrix Workspace Installed
  • Must have the TELUS Business Connect app (web or desktop)
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS