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Elevate patient experiences and enhance care coordination across the full patient journey with real-time patient EHR data

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RingCentral for Healthcare powered by SpinSci

A leading AI-enhanced patient engagement solution that enables the orchestration of data, workflows, and touch points for personalized, connected, and improved patient and care team experiences across the full care continuum to improve health outcomes. 

Key Benefits

  1. Enable Real-time RingEX, RingCX, and Contact Center connection to EHR
  2. Enhance operational efficiency with automated patient access workflows
  3. Improve speed to care with faster resolution of patient issues
  4. Personalize experiences with a 360º view of the patient including interaction history and preferences
  5. Connect end-to-end care experiences for better patient and care team satisfaction

Key Functionality

Foster efficient care coordination and better patient care outcomes:

  1. Robust point-of-care collaboration and treatment coordination
  2. One-touch collaboration via push-to-talk capabilities
  3. Complete ePHI exchange (files/links/desktop sharing)
  4. Conversation-intelligence reporting to measure staff/patient sentiment
  5. Full telehealth service coordination and delivery (video or voice-only)
  6. Simple and centralized web-based user and system administration
  7. Advanced analytics and user performance insights
  8. Access from anywhere from devices of choice (desktop/tablet/mobile)

Enable real-time EHR information flow:

  1. Identification/authentication
  2. Preferred pharmacy details
  3. Automated pause & resume
  4. PCI bill-pay/insurance details
  5. Medical conditions
  6. Workflow handoff to EHRs
  7. Referral details
  8. Appointment details
  9. Prescription details
  10. Demography
  11. Patient encounters
  12. Billing details
  13. Workflow handoff to CRM
  14. Nurse triage incident details

Deliver Personalized Outbound Engagement: 

  1. Wellness Reminders
  2. Voice/SMS/Email Support
  3. Patient Communication Preferences
  4. Command Center for Operations
  5. API Interface for Workflow Integration
  6. Pre-Op/Inter-Op/Post-Op Notifications
  7. Satisfaction Surveys
  8. Flexible Reports
  9. Configuration/Admin Web Portal
  10. Real-Time EHR Updates

RingCentral Contextualized Patient Engagement powered by SpinSci 

Elevate patient experiences and enhance care coordination across the full patient journey with real-time patient EHR data to help drive faster scheduling, self-service updates. Enable agents to understand who is calling, why they are calling, historical information, and contextual data that can drive optimal healthcare outcomes. Reduce the need for back-and-forth questions and answers, and accelerate patients receiving the care they need and desire.

Powered by SpinSci, RingCentral’s connected healthcare solution powerfully enables real-time EHR (electronic healthcare records) flow between RingCentral and Contact Center, and the leading EHR systems including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Medtech, Nextgen, Athena Health, and eClinicalWorks.


  1. Available to all RingCentral customers
  2. Requires compatible EHR system to integrate with
  3. Requires purchase of relevant RingCentral for Healthcare/ SpinSci license(s)

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