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RecruitBPM for TELUS Business Connect
RecruitBPM for TELUS Business Connect
by RecruitBPM

Integrate your TELUS Business Connect Account with RecruitBPM Applicant Tracking System & CRM and enhance your productivity and save time

RecruitBPM for TELUS Business Connect

TELUS Business Connect for RecruitBPM automates the sales cycle and speeds up recruitment process. It helps recruiters, sales and support teams to improve productivity, increasing call efficiency, and enhancing interaction with contacts and applicants. Now users can manage all call related activities inside RecruitBPM application by utilizing features like single-click dialing, automatic call logging to keep track of the communications.

Key Features:

RecruitBPM partners with TELUS Business Connect to provide fully integrated cloud-based communication solution for applicant tracking and CRM together to run the business efficiently. Using TELUS Business Connect can minimize duration to interact with candidates and engage potential contacts.

Easy configuration

Configuring TELUS Business Connect with RecruitBPM is quite easy and quick. To setup TELUS Business Connect in RecruitBPM, add TELUS Business Connect credentials for Calls or SMS facilities by authorizing the details in two simple steps

Dial calls with a single click

Now you can make calls to applicants and contacts with a single click while staying in RecruitBPM. Accelerate your hiring process by eliminating the hassle of moving through multiple tools or screens and make quick calls to stay connected with potentials resources. Utilizing less time to make more calls and enhance productivity.

Automatic call logging

RecruitBPM logs all the call activities within the application. Now you can track all the communication with a contact automatically to save time and stay updated. You can view call analytics, call logs and interaction details from the TELUS Business Connect dashboard of RecruitBPM.

Original release date: 2020-04-08


  • RecruitBPM for TELUS Business Connect is available for trial and premium accounts only
  • Requires Windows XP or later / Mac OS X 10.0 or later
  • Supported browsers include Internet Explorer® 11 or later, Chrome 50 or later, Firefox 50 or later, Safari 10.0 or later


This app doesn't require any installation.


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