Storage MAX for RingCentral
Storage MAX for RingCentral

Secure and seamless call recording storage for as long as you need with Storage Max for RingCentral from CCNA.

StorageMAX app integration for RingCentral

RingCentral Call Recording enhances your contact centre with the automated ability to record and store voice recordings in the cloud for 90 days.

But what happens beyond 90 days? CCNA has you covered with a safe seamless storage solution – Storage Max for RingCentral. Securely store your recordings for as long as you need with CCNA and RingCentral delivering an ongoing robust end-to-end solution custom to suit your organisation’s needs.

Integrates with RingCentral authentication so no separate login required.

Original release date: 2021-03-29


Web Broswer :
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla FireFox

App Scope and Permissions

When authorized, this app will be granted the following permissions:

Read AccountsView user account information, e.g. name, business name, and contact info