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Statflo for RingCentral
Statflo for RingCentral
by Statflo

Statflo's retail workflow integrates with RingCentral so you can make, receive, and log calls using RingOut or In-App Calling.

Statflo App Integration with RingCentral

The first integration of RingCentral  made specifically for retail front-line staff.  

Allows Statflo users to make, receive and log calls via RingOut or In-App Dialing when staff are working their local leads and time-sensitive campaigns.  Provides audited results and enables your team to log better, more complete call activity.  Provides "intelligent" call disposition tracking, audited call duration times (in seconds), click-to-dial call success categorization and advanced error correction.

Key Benefits

  • Increase call efficiency and save time on misdials with click-to-dial
  • Save time by removing repetitive, manual and time-consuming tasks
  • Improve reporting accuracy by ensuring all call activity is audited 
  • Help your team stay on track by streamlining important sales processes

Key Features

  • Adaptive, intelligent disposition tracking  (changes based on call outcome)
  • Audited call duration times (in seconds) which displays in reporting
  • Call someone right from Statflo with simple click-to-call functionality
  • Supports RingCentral RingOut or In-App Dialing
  • Track the productivity and conversion rates of campaigns managed in Statflo

Original release date: 2017-01-05


  • You must have a Statflo account
  • You must have RingCentral Premium or Enterprise subscription for every user
  • Browsers Supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. 
  • For In-App dialing, Google Chrome must be used (IE does not support WebRTC).