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Schedule meetings with conferencing links automatically included.

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These service providers are built on top of the RingCentral Platform. Apps that work for RingCentral also work for these service providers.

Charter Enterprise
Charter SMB
Frontier + RingCentral
RingCentral for Symphony
RingCentral mit 1&1 Connected Calls
RingCentral mit ecotel
RingCentral mit Telekom
Unify Office by RingCentral Meeting Assistant app integration for RingCentral with Verizon

CalendarHero is the AI-powered Meeting Assistant built to help teams schedule meetings and calls automatically. With CalendarHero for RingCentral with Verizon, you can skip the back and forth of setting up meetings and add conferencing links to booked meetings without the manual effort.

Get back hours in your day, connect to your stakeholders easily, and focus on the work that matters most with smart scheduling software.

Integrate RingCentral with Verizon with CalendarHero, so you can:

  • Automatically generate dynamic video conferencing links for your meetings scheduled by CalendarHero

  • Create custom meeting types in CalendarHero that include RingCentral with Verizon video conferencing

  • Add custom settings like availability window, buffer time, and invitee questions to all of your virtual meetings

  • Conveniently receive meeting briefings with RingCentral with Verizon information in your connected email or chat platform

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Original release date: 2020-10-15


Requires a Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office365, or Microsoft Exchange account


  1. Create a CalendarHero account at
    2) Add a RingCentral with Verizon Video integration at


Mon - Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM (UTC-05:00)