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Aha! Add-in for RingCentral with Verizon
by RingCentral Integration Team

Alert team members to important changes to your roadmap made via the product management tool, Aha!

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Aha add-in integration for RingCentral Team Messaging

Aha is a product management tool used to manage releases, features, requirements, and roadmaps. A critical function of every product manager is to not only manage the roadmap but alert stakeholders of changes to that roadmap. This add-in helps team members stay informed, and alleviates product managers of the burden of alerting people manually of changes made to their products.


Streamlined workflow

Receive post notifications from Aha! and tag co-workers directly from within the RingCentral app, consolidating your work environment into a single view.

Productive team collaboration

Reduce the need for users to switch between multiple devices while working in the RingCentral app by getting your Aha! notifications all in one place.

Reduce email and app overload

Pull updates into the RingCentral app instead of receiving notification emails from Aha!

Key Features

For Ideas Portals

  1. Get notified when new ideas are posted to an Ideas Portal
  2. Respond to ideas by posting a public comment right from a chat
  3. Groom and edit incoming ideas by editing it's name, description, category, and status.

For Feature Boards

  1. Get notified when features are created or updated.

Installation instructions

To make use of this add-in, one needs to have administrative rights within Aha.

  1. Click "Install Bot" below the logo above.
  2. Once the bot is successfully installed, navigate to the team into which you want notification delivered.
  3. Add the bot to this team. The bot will respond with a greeting.
  4. Connect to Aha by logging in with your credentials. Note however that the credentials you use may limit what workspaces you can subscribe to.
  5. Copy the "Hook URL" to your clipboard. Then select the workspace you want to subscribe to and click the "Create activity webhook" button. This will take you to Aha.
  6. Select "Activity Webhook" under the API section of the page you are directed to.
  7. Paste the Hook URL on your clipboard into the Hook URL field. Then select the events you want to subscribe to. Check out our installation video to learn more.

At this point, the Aha Add-in has been installed and setup. Next, you need to trigger the events you have subscribed to.

Aha does not send events in real-time. It may take up to five minutes before you receive a notification.


  1. Must have the RingCentral app