RingCentral Scheduler Outlook Add-In
RingCentral Scheduler Outlook Add-In
by RingCentral, Inc.

Seamlessly add RingCentral video meeting details to your Outlook calendar invites.

RingCentral Scheduler Outlook Add-In app integration

What's new?

  1. Update your personal meeting ID directly within the RingCentral Scheduler

Key features:

  1. Select meeting settings: Use a personal meeting ID, turn camera on/off for participants, and more.
  2. Configure security settings: Choose to use end-to-end encryption, require passwords, enable waiting rooms, and more.


  1. A single Outlook add-in for scheduling both RingCentral Meetings and RingCentral Video appointments
  2. Easily accessible security settings for both RingCentral Meetings and RingCentral Video
  3. Seamless scheduling experience without leaving your Outlook app

How to use the RingCentral Scheduler:

  1. Click on the RingCentral Scheduler icon in an Outlook calendar event and add a meeting URL based on selected preferences
  2. When scheduling, the meeting invite will be created based on your video service set in your RingCentral Apps (Settings>Video>Video Service). Changing the Video Service setting in the RingCentral Apps will be reflected in the Scheduler
  3. Once the Outlook Add-in is added to your Outlook account, you will see the add-in in both Outlook desktop apps and the Office 365 version of Outlook.


  1. Available for RingCentral Office subscriptions.
  2. Must have a Microsoft Outlook account.
  3. You must connect your Office 365 account to the RingCentral app for calendar sync
  4. Windows: Microsoft 365 subscription, 2019. Outlook version 1910 (build 12130.20272).
  5. Mac: Current UI (connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription). No Outlook client app version required.
  6. Web browser: Modern Outlook UI when connected to Exchange Online: Microsoft 365 subscription or Outlook.com. No Outlook client app version required.
  7. Supports on-premise Exchange 2013, 2016, and 2019.
  8. Supports Outlook mobile iOS and Android devices.