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Genesis Call Accounting for ecotel
Genesis Call Accounting for ecotel
by Genesis Systems

Detailed call analytics: including cradle-to-grave reporting, traffic analysis, inventory management, misuse detection, and more.

Genesis Call Accounting for ecotel

Genesis Call Accounting is an easy-to use cloud-based solution that gives you complete control over your telephone-related costs. Genesis allows you to track & allocate telephone usage, analyse telephone system traffic, equipment costs and fees to the proper levels of your company, alerts you of telephone misuse via email, SMS Text and audible alerts, and more.

Small businesses may be looking for a way to simply track telephone usage to determine busy times & staffing requirements. Large, multi-site businesses may be looking to monitor telephone usage and control unauthorised activity or generate alarms when suspect activity occurs. 

Some other Genesis uses:

• Tracking Sales & Marketing Activity - Large corporate offices run reports on their sales lines based on geographical regions to effectively allocate their advertising budget and marketing strategies.

• Monitoring Call Centers & Customer Service - Call Centers use Genesis Call Accounting to run reports on their activity levels. They can determine the staff efficiency, and take action where needed.

• Compliance Needs - Large cities/organisations use our Call Accounting for policy & legal issues.

• Resource Tracking - Professional offices use Genesis to substantiate the amount of time spent on the phone with or on behalf of a client. Multi-tenant buildings use Genesis to bill tenants for telephone usage and equipment rentals.

• And countless others…

Genesis Call Accounting shows you:

• Where calls are coming from and going to

• Areas & individuals generating the most calls

• Real-time alerts of fraudulent, abnormal, abusive and suspect calls

• Hourly call traffic volumes and trends

• Most active departments and staff phones

• Longest calls, and much more…

With Genesis Call Accounting, you can easily answer:

• How many calls were handled, what are the busiest times and what was the total duration and cost of these calls?

• Do we need to re-position or add staff?

• Which other businesses do we frequently call? Should we investigate the reason? Should we explore other options?

• Has there been an unusual increase or decrease in telephone traffic? Is it seasonal? Is our advertising working? Is our business growing?

• Where are the majority of our calls coming from and going to? USA, Canada or Overseas? Are our marketing efforts & advertising effective? Where should we advertise more?

• Which staff handled the greatest number of calls and/or spent the most time on the phone? Who are the most efficient calls handlers? Do some staff need more training?

• Were there any abnormal, fraudulent, abusive or malicious calls requiring additional follow-up? Can we track and be immediately alerted when certain calls are placed or received to specific telephone numbers? Can they be emailed or texted to me?

• Who dialed 911 and when?



App Scope and Permissions

When authorized, this app will be granted the following permissions:

Read AccountsView user account information, e.g. name, business name, and contact info
Read Call LogView user call log records