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ecotel Scheduler Outlook Add-In
ecotel Scheduler Outlook Add-In
by RingCentral

Seamlessly add ecotel video meeting details to your Outlook calendar invites.

ecotel Scheduler Outlook Add-In

Key features:

  1. Select meeting settings: Use a personal meeting ID, turn camera on/off for participants, and more.
  2. Configure security settings: Choose to use end-to-end encryption, require passwords, enable waiting rooms, and more.


  1. Easily accessible security settings
  2. Seamless scheduling experience without leaving your Outlook app

How to use the ecotel Scheduler:

  1. Click on the RingCentral Scheduler icon in an Outlook calendar event and add a meeting URL based on selected preferences
  2. When scheduling, the meeting invite will be created based on your video service set in your RingCentral Apps (Settings>Video>Video Service). Changing the Video Service setting in the RingCentral Apps will be reflected in the Scheduler
  3. Once the Outlook Add-in is added to your Outlook account, you will see the add-in in both Outlook desktop apps and the Office 365 version of Outlook.


  1. Must have a Microsoft Outlook account.
  2. You must connect your Office 365 account to the ecotel app for calendar sync
  3. Windows: Microsoft 365 subscription, 2019. Outlook version 1910 (build 12130.20272).
  4. Mac: Current UI (connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription). No Outlook client app version required.
  5. Web browser: Modern Outlook UI when connected to Exchange Online: Microsoft 365 subscription or Outlook.com. No Outlook client app version required.
  6. Supports on-premise Exchange 2013, 2016, and 2019.
  7. Supports Outlook mobile iOS and Android devices.