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Cloze for ecotel
Cloze for ecotel
by Cloze

Relationship Management, Inbox, and Contacts in One App.

Cloze for ecotel

Cloze is like a personal digital assistant that is always prompting you at the right moment and reminding you of important events and activities. It pulls from your apps to automatically create one view of every person and company - all their contact details, and your complete history - every email back and forth, your phone calls, meetings, notes, documents, and messages. It's all organized for you - without any busy work.

Detailed Description:

Cloze and ecotel work together to make sure you’re on top of all your customers, clients, and prospects.

  1. One record of all your calls with any person or company automatically brought together with emails, meetings, documents, notes, messages, and more - so you have a complete history of everything you’ve done with them.
  2. Cloze tracks every call, voicemail, fax, and text message for every person, company, project, and deal.
  3. Existing Cloze contact records are instantly matched to incoming callers and displayed on the screen, so you can have an immediate context of your last conversation.
  4. Click to dial phone numbers in any Cloze contact record to eliminate misdials and speed up response times.
  5. Easy setup. Just enter your ecotel credentials and you're ready to go.
  6. Use any ecotel-enabled device: your desk phone, the ecotel mobile app, or ecotel for Desktop - no matter where you work, your calls are logged to Cloze.


  1. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+, or Microsoft Edge (when running in-browser)
  2. iOS7 and higher, Android 4.4 KitKat and higher (when running the native Cloze app)

App Scope and Permissions

When authorized, this app will be granted the following permissions:

Read MessagesView message store data, including SMS, fax, voicemail, etc.
Read PresenceView user presence status
Read AccountsView user account information, e.g. name, business name, and contact info
SMSSend and receive SMS/MMS messages
Team MessagingPost messages, as well as view, edit and delete Team Messaging related data
Read Call LogView user call log records
Read Call RecordingDownload call recording content and media
Webhook SubscriptionsManage and subscribe to webhook notifications
GlipDeprecated: TeamMessaging permission should be used instead
Edit MessagesView and update message store data, including SMS, fax, voicemail, etc.