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RingCentral Meetings® Plugin for Microsoft Outlook® on Windows
RingCentral Meetings® Plugin for Microsoft Outlook® on Windows
by RingCentral

The RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows you to quickly schedule or start a meeting with one click from Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook® on Windows Plugin for RingCentral Meetings®

The RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook boosts your productivity by enabling you to schedule or start a meeting directly from Outlook. This seamless integration helps you manage your meetings easier than ever. A scheduled event in Outlook is automatically synchronized with your RingCentral Meetings app. You no longer need to open the app to schedule, copy, and paste the meeting information into an Outlook calendar.

Detailed Description:

Schedule a RingCentral Meeting directly from within Outlook.

  • No need to switch between apps. You can schedule a RingCentral Meeting from the Outlook toolbar.

Manage RingCentral Meetings directly in your calendar in Outlook.

  • RingCentral Meeting dial-in and access are directly included when you create a new calendar event.
  • Meetings are instantly synchronized. Any changes to dates and times in your scheduled Outlook events automatically update in the RingCentral Meetings app.
  • Deleting a RingCentral Meeting is easy, simply remove a scheduled event from your Outlook Calendar; the updates will sync to your RingCentral Meetings app.

Start an instant RingCentral Meeting directly in Outlook.

  • Start an online video conference or screen-shared meeting directly within Outlook.


Reduce workflow and increase productivity by accessing RingCentral capabilities within your Outlook environment.

Learn more:

RingCentral for Microsoft Outlook Plugin for Windows User Guide

Original release date: 2016-02-22


  • RingCentral Office® account
  • Outlook 2010 or later
  • Windows® 7 (or later) operating system
  • 1 GHz (32-bit) or 2 GHz (64-bit) of processor
  • 512 MB of memory
  • 200 MB of hard drive space