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Shadow All-In-One Analytics for Symphony
Shadow All-In-One Analytics for Symphony
by Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

Scalable analytics for Messages, Video & Phone, real-time agent/queue dashboards, call recording replay, and alert notification.

Shadow All-In-One Analytics for Symphony

Shadow All-In-One Analytics for  Symphony offers a cloud-based solution for capturing, processing, reporting, and archiving transactions across all Symphony configurations including single and federated deployments. Organizations now have complete visibility across the entire spectrum of a corporate collaboration ecosystem for any length of time.  The product offers historical call accounting, call center reporting, call recording playback, real-time agent/queue dashboards, team collaboration adoption metrics, custom integrations, and emergency notification.  By leveraging the latest technologies, Shadow All-in-One Analytics  empowers enterprises to increase adoption of new technologies, remove bottlenecks, reconcile expenses, facilitate team collaboration, improve customer experience and empower productivity.

Cradle-to-Grave Call Tracking & Call Accounting

Shadow All-in-One Analytics provides cradle to grave management reports which highlight long duration, missed calls, excessive cost, and IVR routing summaries. All activity may be pinpointed to a particular agent, extension, voice mailbox, hunt group, endpoint, or corporate level.   Hundreds of pre-canned report templates can be generated to meet regulatory compliance standards, perform long term trend analysis, and accelerate adoption.  A powerful report builder can be utilized for unlimited other templates.  

RSI also offers professional services for custom reports/views such as IVR Prompt Summary, Federated Account Consolidation, and Real-Time Dashboards tailored to customer specifications.  All reports can be scheduled and automatically delivered to authorized personnel.

Historical & Real-Time Agent/Queue Dashboards

Shadow All-In-One Analytics can utilize historical metrics for any time period to create trend line analysis of customer experience accounting for seasonal change, workforce levels, and business growth.  Real-time metrics from agent and queue activity are presented in dynamic customizable dashboards that can be presented on wallboards or desktops.  These dashboards empower supervisors with instantaneous metrics about their communication facilities and offer agents immediate feedback. 

Team Collaboration (Messages, Video, and Phone)

Shadow All-in-One Analytics utilizes Symphony APIs to gather collaboration metrics for messages, meetings, and calling activity. Managers now have the ability to monitor, measure, and manage their entire ecosystem in one place. Tailored dashboards can present current call center activity, number of meeting by host or participants, most actively posting teams, and total call activity. There are hundreds of potential widgets that can be configured to meet the customer use case.  

Alert & Emergency Notifications

Triggers can be defined to alert on specific agent status, service levels, wait times, abandoned calls, user inactivity, or 911 emergencies. Managers can view statistics for multiple communication facilities from one browser or be alerted via email, text message, audible alarm, lamplight, screen flash, network broadcast, or team collaboration spaces. Utilizing a REST-ful API, Shadow A1 notification messages can be sent to most compliant (and IFTTT ready) solutions anywhere.

Call Recording Queries & Playback

Call recordings are coupled with the call detail records and stored for future queries and or playback.  The messages and their transcriptions (if available) are stored for any time period as dictated by corporate policy and compliance.  Recordings can be searched based on the number dialed, date, time, duration, sentiment, and/or query tags.


*Accelerate digital transformation helping to lower costs, identify fraudulent network usage and increase adoption of collaboration systems by examining all communication activity including voice, video and chat.

*Highlight quality of experience allowing for workforce, training and network adjustments that can result in more efficient communications and lower communication costs.

*Monitor agents in real-time and improve customer interaction enabling administrators to highlight bottlenecks and overflows as well as track response times which can result in a more dynamic and effective communication ecosystem.

*Enhance public safety in case of emergencies by providing corporate officials and first responders with critical on-premise location information. 

About RSI

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is a world leader in producing products, training and resources that proactively manage, control and reduce the expense of communication facilities resulting in a more dynamic, responsive and productive communication ecosys

App Scope and Permissions

When authorized, this app will be granted the following permissions:

Read ContactsView personal address book contacts
Read MessagesView message store data, including SMS, fax, voicemail, etc.
Call ControlControl and manage phone calls in real-time
Read PresenceView user presence status
Read AccountsView user account information, e.g. name, business name, and contact info
MeetingsCreate, view, update and delete meetings
Team MessagingPost messages, as well as view, edit and delete Team Messaging related data
Read Call LogView user call log records
Read Call RecordingDownload call recording content and media
Webhook SubscriptionsManage and subscribe to webhook notifications
GlipDeprecated: TeamMessaging permission should be used instead