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Cloze Bot for Symphony
Cloze Bot for Symphony
by Cloze, Inc.

Use the Cloze personal assistant to prompt you at the right moment and remind you of important events and activities.

Cloze Bot for Symphony

Have you ever posted on team messaging something like "Has anyone talked with…[pick a name]?" With your team on Cloze and Symphony team messaging you don't need to bug anyone - simply ask Cloze Bot for team messaging and you’ll know.

For example, if you ask "has anyone talked with IncFire Consulting?” Cloze Bot might reply "Alex received a phone call from Dave Varenos at IncFire last Tuesday”.

You can invite Cloze Bot to your Symphony app account to quickly get answers like these.

Cloze Bot for Team Messaging is a feature of Cloze.

Cloze is like a personal digital assistant that is always prompting you at the right moment and reminding you of important events and activities. It pulls from your apps to automatically create one view of every person and company - all their contact details, and your complete history - every email back and forth, your phone calls, meetings, notes, documents, and messages. It's all organized for you - without any busy work.

With everything in one place, Cloze uses advanced data science to figure out who is important and keeps them top of mind, and will even remind you to reach out to a contact and refresh a fading relationship. Cloze’s artificial intelligence will even detect things you have promised to do (e.g. “I’ll get back to you on Friday”) and deadlines you need to meet (e.g. “Please review and get your comments to me by Friday”) right from your email and adds them to your Agenda automatically.

Cloze and Symphony work together to make sure you’re on top of all your customers, clients, and prospects.

  1. Check your Agenda to see what's next on your schedule
  2. See who on your team has talked with a customer recently
  3. Set a reminder to follow up with a customer outside of team messaging team messaging
  4. Search for people, companies, project and deals too

Original release date: 2017-06-24


  1. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+, or Microsoft Edge (when running in-browser)
  2. iOS7 and higher, Android 4.4 KitKat and higher (when running the native Cloze app)