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RingCentral for Microsoft Teams
RingCentral for Microsoft Teams
by RingCentral

Make calls with the intuitive RingCentral dialer and manage your meetings directly from your message textbox or with quick bot commands.

RingCentral dialer integration for Microsoft Teams

What's new?

We've updated our app with new ways to connect with the RingCentral dialer

  1. Filter and view call history by name, phone number, or extension
  2. Quick call from call history
  3. View contact cards with merged RingCentral and Microsoft Teams contact details

App details

RingCentral for Microsoft Teams allows users to:

  1. Make calls: Dial any phone number, extension, and RingCentral or Microsoft contact through the RingCentral dial-pad
  2. Call history: View call history including missed, received, and outbound calls and delete or call back contacts from this view
  3. Contact cards: Access merged RingCentral and Microsoft Teams contacts and quickly connect via phone or email from a single view
  4. Meet: Start a video meeting
  5. Manage meetings: Schedule a video meeting in the Teams calendar with an auto-generated or customized password.
  6. Join meetings: In-chat meeting cards and global dial-in numbers allows team members to connect in seconds. 

@ mention RingCentral in a Teams conversation to bring up bot commands including:

  1. Meet: Start a video meeting
  2. Help: Brings back the RingCentral Bot menu
  3. Login: Login to RingCentral
  4. Logout: Logout of RingCentral

Using Microsoft Teams on the web? Check out the RingCentral Chrome extension

System requirements:

  1. Supports Teams desktop, web, and mobile apps.
  2. Available for all RingCentral MVP™ subscriptions.
  3. Requires the RingCentral app to make calls.
  4. An active Microsoft Office 365 account is required.
  5. Windows 7 and above or Mac OS X 10.10 (or later) is required.
  6. Updated 9/15/21