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Theta Lake for Rainbow Office Video for Rainbow Office
Theta Lake for Rainbow Office Video for Rainbow Office
by Theta Lake

AI-based compliance for Rainbow Office Video, including capture, 17a-4 compliant archiving, eDiscovery, data leakage detection, and supervi

Theta Lake for RingCentral Meet app integration for Rainbow Office

Theta Lake is offering 3-months free of its AI-based Compliance and Supervision Suite as a promotional offer during the launch of Rainbow Office Video.

If you are in a regulated vertical, dealing with the increase in communication over video creates compliance, risk, and legal concerns around the capture of voice and visual content, sharing of confidential information over screen share or webcam, and general employee misconduct within Rainbow Office Video meetings. Theta Lake can save time and money by automating that surveillance process while simultaneously improving the quality of the review and risk detections.

UCaaS continues to be a focus for regulators, FINRA’s 2019 Examination Report Findings are a clear example of regulatory expectations for collaboration platform record-keeping:

“If a firm permits its associated persons to use a particular application—for example, an app-based messaging service or a collaboration platform — the firm must preserve records of business-related communications and supervise the activities and communications of those persons on the application”

Theta Lake provides cloud-based compliance for RC Video, including capture, archiving, eDiscovery, DLP, and supervision of video meetings. Its patent-pending technology uses AI, deep learning, and seamlessly integrates with Rainbow Office Office to detect compliance risks in what was said, shown, or shared within RC Video. Using AI to also power insights and automation, Theta Lake provides directed workflow to add consistency, efficiency, and scale to the compliance review and supervision process, driving down the cost of compliance.

Rainbow Office Video Benefits

  1. Free SOC2 Type 2, 17a-4 Compliant Archive - Compliant Collaboration Archive includes seamless capture of Teams content with 100GB of free storage, full archive and retention policy management, and easy access, viewing, and metadata search of messages and content shared.
  2. Automated Risk Prioritization & Detection – Leverage AI to review 100% of video recordings. 50+ built-in policies using NLP & ML automate regulatory, compliance, DLP, and conduct risk detections
  3. Time-saving Workflow & Reports - AI drives consistent and efficient reviews for non-technical staff along with access to auditor friendly reports of digital content, identified risks, and workflow actions on the recordings

If you are interested in capture, archiving, eDiscovery, and supervision of other Rainbow Office Office communications (audio, team messaging chat, SMS, faxes, voicemails) visit, https://www.ringcentral.com/apps/thetalake

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Original release date: 2020-03-30


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