ScottyNewsBot for Rainbow Office
ScottyNewsBot for Rainbow Office
by Dibyendu Roy

Get your favorite news delivered to you right inside your Glip app using the news bot.

ScottyNewsBot app integration for Rainbow Office

This is a simple conversational news bot , that gets command from you and brings you , your favorite top of the news delivered  right inside your Glip. Once you install the bot , just type "Help" and it will send you a list of news sources that it can deliver to you. Once you choose your news source example "techcrunch" and type it in Glip, the bot will fetch you a list of all the important over the hour Top News articles. Now with this bot , you can stay informed about all the latest news from your favorite news sources right from your Glip.


Rainbow Office Glip.


1. Add the bot to your Glip Org

2. Search the Bot as you search a person in Glip

3. Once the Bot is added , you can start conversation by typing Help