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Prodoscore provides business insights that give you visibility into employee productivity.

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Prodoscore connector app integration for Rainbow Office

Prodoscore™ is a software solution that measures a business’s most valuable asset: its people.

By providing never before seen visibility into employee engagement, rooted in data and digestible in seconds, Prodoscore’s Employee Productivity Monitoring (EPM) platform helps support a flexible work environment and ensures accountability. In a world where employees require flexibility and employers need accountability, visibility from Prodoscore ensures the two don’t conflict. Actionable insights keep leaders better informed and better prepared in order to accelerate success.

Using Machine Learning, AI, & Natural Language Processing, Prodoscore measures thousands of daily activity points across core business applications to output a single score indicative of productivity, engagement, tool adoption, and more. Long gone are the days of sifting through multiple reports and having difficult conversations to identify problem areas.

Because a lack of visibility can only lead to bad outcomes, key indicators from Prodoscore enable leaders to keep their strongest contributors happy by spotting burnout before it’s too late, and identify employees who could use a boost.

Prodoscore sits at the center of workplace decision-making by providing exceptional productivity intelligence that improves workforce productivity, well-being and experience.

Implementation takes less than 15 minutes and has no impact on the end user.

Original release date: 2017-07-14


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