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DVSAnalytics WFO & Analytics Rainbow Office
DVSAnalytics WFO & Analytics Rainbow Office
by DVSAnalytics, Inc.

DVSAnalytics WFO for Rainbow Office records desktop activity synced with audio recordings and delivers analytics-enabled QA.

DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization app integration for Rainbow Office

Gain Insights into Recorded Interactions with Analytics

Boost Rainbow Office audio recordings with Encore® Desktop Recordings, advanced search capabilities, targeted agent coaching and agent engagement to improve contact center operations.

Interaction Analytics – Essentials

  • Gain a 360° View of Customer Interactions — Sync Rainbow Office audio recordings with DVSAnalytics Desktop Recording.
  • Categorize Interactions — Group recorded customer interactions in ways meaningful to your business.
  • Improve Performance — Evaluate customer interactions and deliver automated coaching to improve agent performance.
  • Provide Real-time Feedback on KPIs — Enable dashboard views of results for immediate feedback to supervisors and agents.
  • Engage Your Agents — Create contests to leverage analytics & evaluations to motivate agents to achieve individual, team & organizational goals.

Interaction Analytics – Advanced

  • Expand Your Search Capabilities — Add metadata from CRM or front office applications for powerful search and retrieval capabilities.
  • Pinpoint Trends and Take Action — Use Speech Analytics to view call transcriptions, spot trends and gain critical insights into customer interactions to improve business.
  • Achieve Rapid Results — Deliver benefits to your contact center within a few weeks of project start.
  • Focus Performance Evaluations — Reduce or replace traditional quality management evaluations with targeted samples or categories of interactions using Speech Analytics.

Enhance Your Rainbow Office Cloud Contact Center with Encore

Add structure to call recordings, categorizing interactions in meaningful ways by augmenting Rainbow Office audio recordings with Encore Interaction Analytics, Desktop Recording, advanced search capabilities, and quality management tools from DVSAnalytics to improve contact center operations.

Original release date: 2020-04-30


  • Rainbow Office Premium and above
  • DVSAnalytics Workforce Optimization as a Service