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Bitbucket for Rainbow Office
Bitbucket for Rainbow Office
by RingCentral

Receive notifications in team messaging whenever code is committed to a repository.

Notifications: Bitbucket app integration for Rainbow Office

Bitbucket is a source code repository and hosting service. This integration will post messages to the team messaging conversation of your choice any time code is committed to a repository. Streamline workflows and collaborate productively with Bitbucket for Rainbow Office.


Productive team collaboration

Bitbucket for Rainbow Office app reduces the need for users to switch between multiple applications while working in the team messaging app.

Reduce email overload

Bitbucket for Rainbow Office improves the user experience by dramatically reducing the number of emails being sent and received.

Keep better records

Keep your Bitbucket code management progress in your team messaging app workspace online for easier access, as opposed to spreading it across multiple email message threads.

Original release date: 2015-03-13


  • Must have a Rainbow Office account.
  • Enable this integration via the conversation settings menu.