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PatientXpress - Patient Engagement System for RingCentral
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Automate your dental office's workflows and boost your office's profitability.

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Optimize office operations within CRM/OpenDental

PatientXpress - Patient Engagement System is an add-on plugin which integrates and embeds RingCentral's telephone functionality inside CRM/OpenDental to help reduce clerical errors and optimize operations.

Why would one want to integrate RingCentral phone service with CRM/OpenDental?

PatientXpress Integration, enhances the telephony experience for RingCentral users. It improves operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

How does PatientXpress integrates with RingCentral and CRM/OpenDental?

PatientXpress helps converge RingCentral with CRM/OpenDental in the following ways:

  1. SmartCallerID: It acts like a crystal ball for RingCentral users, helping them screen calls by providing quick details of the caller before the call gets picked-up. With the trigger of a phone ring, PatientXpress taps into the customer/patient data in CRM/OpenDental and provides a simplified dashboard about the caller to the front office. Having this data at fingertips, staff can make informed and quick decisions.
  2. Smart Call Tracking: It provides visibility and accountability regarding call operations. It taps into RingCentral's call list and maps this to CRM/OpenDental's customer/patient list. Using this integrated report, one can track who picked which patient/customer call and what activity was done in CRM/OpenDental regarding that call. This feature helps filter call data to analyze staff productivity.
  3. Smart Click2Call: This feature helps RingCentral users auto-dial their contacts from with-in CRM/OpenDental to avoid fat-fingering errors. It's like a concierge service for RingCentral users, connecting them to their contacts with 1-click from the comfort of their CRM/OpenDental.
  4. Smart Click2Text: This feature empowers RingCentral users to send texts with 1-click to their contacts from with-in CRM/OpenDental, while also keeping the text log inside CRM/OpenDental.