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Shadow Spaces  for AT&T Office@Hand
Shadow Spaces for AT&T Office@Hand
by Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)

Shadow Spaces for Team Messaging creates actionable business intelligence about your team collaboration adoption, usage and performance.

Shadow Spaces for AT&T Office@Hand

Shadow Spaces for AT&T Office@Hand Team Messaging is a scalable cloud-based administrative team collaboration analytics and participants' productivity management system. 

Communication managers can measure, monitor, and manage complex collaboration ecosystems to increase adoption, ensure project progression, study patterns of activity, improve quality of experience and empower productivity!

The AT&T Office@Hand team collaboration spectrum includes chat, file share, video, calls, tasks and meetings that set the standard for modern communication. RSI Shadow Spaces offers communication managers consolidated business intelligence about the behavior or progress of their teams in AT&T Office@Hand.  

Call accounting was a basic staple to monitor your audio call activity for many years.  Now more than ever before, you need a system that analyzes all your communication channels.  Shadow Spaces for AT&T Office@Hand team collaboration analytics are vital to the health of your business lifeline. 

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Original release date: 2018-03-22


AT&T Office@Hand Subscription
Shadow Spaces for AT&T Office@Hand Subscription
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