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Synchronize the user’s presence state between AT&T Office@Hand and Microsoft Teams.

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Keep presence status between AT&T Office@Hand and Microsoft Team in sync

With the aurenz Presence Hub, you keep the presence status between your AT&T Office@Hand and Microsoft Teams in sync.

Are you annoyed by parallel calls in one phone client while you are already having a conversation or an online meeting in another client? Do you miss a reliable user presence status over all systems?

With aurenz Presence Hub SaaS, users' presence status is synchronized bidirectionally between all your communication platforms. This ensures that during a call, meeting or presentation, the "do not disturb" status applies in AT&T Office@Hand and in Microsoft Teams and a second call is suppressed, even in AT&T Office@Hand itself.

Would you like to try it out right now? You are one step away, just click the "Visit page to download" button and order the SaaS for dedicated users. You can extend the service at any time for additional users or cancel monthly.

Key benefits:

  1. Suppression of a second call in the Teams client if the user is already in a call via AT&T Office@Hand. The presence status in Teams is set to "Do Not Disturb" (DND) while the user is in a phone call in AT&T Office@Hand.
  2. The presence status in the AT&T Office@Hand is set to "Do Not Disturb" (DND) if the user is in a Teams Call or Teams Meeting.
  3. The Presence Hub receives change notification from Microsoft Teams and the AT&T Office@Hand. There is no polling of the actual presence status.
  4. Use the Microsoft Teams client and the AT&T Office@Hand phone client like usual. The relevant presence status is synchronized automatically.
  5. Smart status mappings: A simple "busy" status in Microsoft due to an Outlook event does not prevent clients from receiving calls.
  6. No additional user interface to control the presence status needed
  7. The aurenz Presence Hub is a multi-tenant cloud service and can be seamlessly connected to your Microsoft Teams tenant.
  8. Additional Feature: During a call or meeting in AT&T Office@Hand the presence state of the user in AT&T Office@Hand itself is set to DND. This suppresses a second call in AT&T Office@Hand from ringing continuously over an existing call or during a meeting.
  9. Additional Feature: users can be prevented from turning off the "Accept queue calls" option.

How to get started

The aurenz Presence Hub is a cloud service which connects smoothly to your Microsoft Teams tenant. Please subscribe to the Presence Hub SaaS through the Microsoft AppSource marketplace, just click "Visit page to download" and you get forwarded to it. After you complete the onboarding process, which requires only a few clicks, you will be redirected to the Presence Hub home page to configure the service.

About us

For already 40 years we have been working together with renowned sales partners worldwide. Aurenz GmbH, based in southern Germany, offers software solutions such as call analytics and accounting to optimize corporate communications. With over 40,000 customers, you can rely on excellent service and know-how. With the Presence Hub as SaaS, we now offer a significant contribution to actively improve corporate communication.