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PCRecruiter for AT&T Office@Hand
by Main Sequence Technology

Integrate with PCRecruiter to easily manage and track voice and text communications with your candidates and job contacts.

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PCRecruiter App Integration for AT&T Office@Hand

PCRecruiter integrated with AT&T Office@Hand makes it easy for recruiting, staffing, and HR sourcing professionals to launch and log calls with candidates, applicants, and hiring contacts. Combining AT&T Office@Hand automation with PCRecruiter's robust email tracking capabilities turns your recruitment database into a powerful CRM, taking your focus off of logging communications and putting it on making effective connections.

Detailed Description:

AT&T Office@Hand integration makes it easier than ever to manage and track voice and text communications with job seekers, hiring authorities, and other contacts in PCRecruiter.

  1. Launch calls and texts from PCRecruiter. No need to handle separate devices or screens. Simply click the icon to start a phone call or text message from any record. Save hassle, save time, increase productivity.
  2. Send SMS to multiple contacts at once. Select multiple records from any saved list or on-the-fly search result and send each of them a text message in seconds. Sending instant updates to contacts has never been easier.
  3. Caller information at your fingertips. When a call comes in, PCRecruiter will search for the incoming number in your database and bring you to the record, getting you ready to work with that contact faster than ever.
  4. Logging for Inbound and Outbound Communication. Calls and text messages that you send and receive are stored in the Activities log on the PCRecruiter records matching that phone number. You'll know who spoke with who and at what date and time. You'll be able to search and report on call logs like you would on any other PCRecruiter activity.


  1. PCRecruiter for AT&T Office@Hand is available to all AT&T Office@Hand customers