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Office@Hand Phone Plugin for VMware
Office@Hand Phone Plugin for VMware
by RingCentral, Inc.

Optimize the telephony processing for your Office@Hand Phone in VMware.

Office@Hand Phone Plugin for VMware app integration

In a typical VDI environment, Office@Hand Phone acts as any other application running in a virtual host environment. However, telephony media stream must make several extra network hops to reach the Office@Hand data center. If the network infrastructure is inadequate or unstable users may experience degradation in audio quality due to these extra hops.

With the Office@Hand Phone Plug-In for VMware we work to establish a direct media channel from the local user machine where the VMware plugin is installed to the Office@Hand data center. This allows us to minimize the number of network hops and optimize the delivery of audio between callers.


  • Make and receive VoIP calls over WiFi, even while traveling internationally, or over 3G/4G without using your carrier minutes.
  • Send unlimited text messages to anyone in the US and Canada for free.
  • Never drop another important call. Call handoffs allow you to switch from using a data network to a carrier network during a call.
  • Visual Voicemail makes it easy to see who left you a message, forward messages, and tap to return calls based on your priorities.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) to work. Personal contacts are conveniently separated from your company directory.
  • Single business identity - use your one business number for calling, texting, and faxing.
  • Manage active calls efficiently with advanced call controls to transfer, record, flip, or park the call.
  • Reply to calls with automated text-to-speech messages, or send callers to voicemail without interrupting the current call.
  • Department text messaging sends one text to all department members. See the entire conversation thread on one screen.
  • Host and attend online meetings from your Android, and easily collaborate with screen share, integrated chat, and file sharing from your desktop or cloud storage (Box and Dropbox).
  • Hold unlimited conference calls. Start or join calls with one tap, and invite up to 1000 participants by email or text.
  • Easily send a fax from your Android and attach a note, photos, or files from cloud storage (Box and Dropbox).
  • Manage your phone system from the palm of your hands
  • Update and manage your entire system of locations, departments, extensions, and direct numbers wherever you go.
  • Enable BYOD for all employees, reducing TCO for devices while improving productivity.
  • Safeguard confidential business information - easily add or remove users who have access to company data customer contacts.


Please follow these steps to install Office@Hand Phone Plugin for VMware. Please make sure to follow these steps before cloning your environment and for each environment you intend to use this plug-in.

On the local device:

  1. Install VMware Horizon Client for Windows
  2. Install Office@Hand Phone VMware Plugin
  3. Launch VMware Horizon Client and connect to your server host

On the virtual desktop:

  1. Install Office@Hand Phone app
  2. Launch Office@Hand Phone app and initiate a call
  3. The audio button on the active call screen should be disabled if the media-optimization is working correctly

Original release date: 2021-03-19


  • Must have VMware Horizon client
  • Must have the Office@Hand Phone desktop app 
  • Windows 10 64-bit, 8 GB of RAM, and 500 MB of hard drive space